Salamullahi Alaikum,

Break menjelma lagi..

Ehm..hari ni terasa nak ceritakan al-kisah lain selain mutiara hijau.Tapi ada sangkut paut lagi dengan Mutiara Hijau.

Why I’m writing this Mutiara Hijau?

~Deep from my heart,I would love to state here.I’m not a sort of ‘great writer’.I’m just nobody.Not having any course of ‘art’ or any kind related to it.So,please keep comment and criticise me before I get drown in ‘syok sendiri’ feeling.

~I love novels an stories.And I love books.But I have a very ‘high taste’ in choosing reading materials.Just want something that makes knowledge grow further and further.Not just a ‘ringan’ but useless+gaining lots of sin too.We can read everything,but we must be a little bit ‘choosy’.

~Making this one of the way of dakwah.Well,back to the reason why we’re created.We’re all His slaves.

“You’re the best of peoples,evolved for mankind,enjoining what is right,forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah…”-3:110

Is this novel Islamic?

~From my point of view,its not enough to be called Islamic.But I realise,we’re all living in different situations,different environments and different countries(maybe).Sometimes,what we think ‘not enough’ could be ‘too hard and heavy’ for others.So,I’ll try to soften the tone.

~Please and please notice me when this story become too ‘heavy’.

~I’m not a kind of ‘warak or alim’.Even if you meet me personally,you’ll agree with me.We’re all in the same boat,not knowing which level we’ve been.So,its your responsible, dear readers to remind me back when I’m lagha and out of the track kay!

Bila nak ada entry baru?

~InsyaAllah..tunggu sambil sama-sama berzikir dan muhasabah.Muchos gracias for reading!

All of this come from Him,I’m just one of the presenters to all of you.Selagi ada ilham,selagi itulah blog ni akan terisi.

Let’s istighfar three times,and continue our jobs.

p/s:Cerita ni dah jadi klise ke?Dah sampai tahap kebosanan yang melampau ke?Let me know kay.

Lots of love,

Saidatul Saffaa