Salam ‘alaik.

Sorry for the ‘break’. And can sense the ‘broken’ hearts. Sorry, but can’t help. 😦

Can sense the thinning of inspiration too. My inspiration. Maybe I should look for it right now. How?

-Leaving on a jet plane[?] off to somewhere. Go skiing sampai nak patah tulang pinggang, build the snowman again sampai bluish[?] South Hemisphere is the right place soon[?]

-Or watching blooming sakura[?] tracing Akasyah and Kaduk<—Kak Anis note this *missin’em feelin’*

-Or do beachwalking[?] along Pulau Selasih[?] Searching for Raudhah and Jack[?] Apa depa buat la ni agaknya?

-Or go to Konstanz Lake[?] Dayung sampan or canoeing[?] Looking for Atiqah and Daniel<—Kak Ruby, diorang ada kat sana lagi ka?

-Or go to Baghdad[?] Isy…takutla nak pergi sekarang…<—Kak Khairyn congrates for the ‘sweet lady Sarah’. πŸ™‚

Hmmm… put doubt on all of the choices.

Maybe I should go for:

1-Power Rangers movie. Dream of being Kimberly, the pink [?] Or Ashley, the yellow is better<–Kak Anis kena belanja DVD power rangers.*rolling*

2-Tengok baby tembam, Hadif [?]<—Kak Ruby…entah-entah saya sampai nanti Hadif dah kurus… 😦

3-Novels and e-Novels <—My wishlist-Rooftop Rant<–Hlovate, note this *NOT sarcasm* hah! No credit card, no buku 555 and no cash either but FREE. Boleh[?]-Dah tau ada rahang jatuh+rolling eyes πŸ˜›

Hmmm… semua pun tak lepas… Kalau kaya bolehlah… ni baru terkedek-kedek nak pi cari buluh buat tabung. πŸ˜›




I’ve got lots of ‘silent reader’ as one day my blog stats reach 500++ right after I post CM. Thanks readers. (Nasib baik tak lemah jantung tengok stats tu πŸ™‚ )

Still got a warning alarm on, NO COPY AND PASTE ARE ALLOWED. Eventho my story is not the ‘gempak’ one. Berani buat, karang saya claim kat depan Dia.

Miss saffaa only has ‘A BLOG’ which is this. Not ‘BLOGS’. No twin, or resemblance or apa-apalah.

Sorry for the ‘blocked’ ideas. Going for holiday, up till I feel OK.

I ask the best from Him.

Bilal dah panggil. Dah subuh. πŸ™‚

Pen off.


Miss saffaa πŸ˜€