(ada orang tu cakap dia busy bukan main lagi…tapi ada jugak post break ni :D)

Terjumpa video clip ni. Ada je video clip yang ada orang-orang bergerak. But I think, its much better if I put this one.

Part of the lyric has been kidnapped by me. :P. You may check it out if you dont trust me, page 243 in KMR.

My life is down

And I’m out of my mind

Eveything so dark

And there is no light

O’ my Lord, I turn to you…

Bebila rasa macam sedih, down… I just love to listen to this song and few(a lot of, actually) others. Kadang-kadang, masa tak sedih pun dengar je. Soothing… and you feel Allah is so close. 😀 Buat teman study bila dah tension tahap tak tau nak cakap cam mana. 😛

But still, please put Kalamullah at the first place. The most beautiful, soulful words ever. If you dont understand the arabic, go get yourself a translation of Kalamullah. And you’ll find the verses just hit the best spot in your heart. My friend did say-masa jalan-jalan melihat alam, quoted from an ustaz graduated(not really sure whether he’s already graduated or not yet. But he was the driver during the travel) from arabs country, arabic is the most beautiful language ever. No wonder the arabs people are so beautiful. And no wonder, arabic was choosen as the language of jannah. I wish I could read al-Quran like my mother-tongue and understand the meaning straight away. But… what to do, I’m born as a Malay-mix yang tak nampak mix sebab dah banyak sangat ‘mix’nya*lol*. Haha. I should be grateful. Astaghfirullah…*ketuk dahi sendiri*.

Ouh, I’m a song-holics (sesuka hati reka perkataan ni) and a universal listener. So, dont be surprised if you find me promoting songs. 😀

Whatever the song is, whatever we do. As long as it is not ‘lagha’, its is permissible. This is my opinion. If you have different one, its just fine. 😀 Its just me… yang entah hape-hape ni.

Enough crapping. I should continue my reading again :-(. Adoila… too much distractions… 😛 I should stay far-far away from my lappy.