Banyak pokok dah tak ada daun… tapi yang atas ni ada lagi.


I was sleepy right now. And I’m so tired. Rasa macam hypoxic.

Sound so jellified.

I need more booster. 😦

Doakan saya.

And suddenly I saw this pic. (actually intentionally go thru one by one :P)

Credit to the photographer. He knows who.

I love you, dear. You need to be strong coz you’re strong enough to face it.

It has been quite long I have conversation with my sweety. Last time was about her arabic language festival.

Thanks, honey for bearing with me.

I’m missing you.

(sila abaikan segala benda yang tak berfaedah di atas)

p/s:  Sorry for the messy new look blog. Ignore the scattered old comments. I just want to keep it as part of sweet memory of the previous, out of sudden turn into problematic blog. 😀