She had her breakfast like above pic plus 2 pieces of bread. (Ya Allah, tak paham. Ni diet ka?)

She reminisced what happened all through her journey here. (Nice view. I love this pic oso. Thanks tuan punya kamera)

She had this peaceful view. While her mind kept spinning fast.

Who is she? Be patient and wait. Not yet publish in blog before this. And still thinking,  wanna paste it here or not. *evil laugh*

p/s: Sejernih Embun will be continued insya-Allah before this month end. *pangkah kalendar* Cam mana ni? Plan nak pi jenjalan cuti raya ni. Isk… isk.. (raya ada orang nak jenguk blog ni ke? Pi raya la. Saya pun nak beraya gak. :D)